Can I drop my items off to save on delivery?

Sure, that’s not a problem. Please contact us for a suitable time.

Where are you located?

We are based in Kilmarnock just off the A77 Bellfield interchange.

Why do you charge for hangers?

We have a hanger charge to keep our costs low for our customers and to encourage recycling of our hangers.

Rather than adding 10p to all our items we thought we would give return customers the chance to make a saving when they return the hangers.

If you return hangers on your next order there will be no charge for that amount of items.

How is collection and delivery charge calculated?

Charges are based on milage and charged at 16p per mile round trips.

You will only ever pay the price of fuel.

Why do you charge for collection/delivery?

We try to keep our item costs low for our customers so need to charge a fee to cover the cost of fuel.